Blackgaze newcomers Møl opened up a national awards show in their home country of Denmark last week. Møl kicked off GAFFA-Prisen 2019 with the track “Storm” off their 2018 debut album, Jord.

Making extreme music in the vein of bands like Deafheaven, Møl received critical acclaim last year with Jord, making various Best of 2018 lists, including ours. The band’s visceral performance of “Storm” was broadcast with pro audio and even with a hilariously deadpan introduction.

“Last Thursday, we opened the Danish Awards Show GAFFA-Prisen 2019: Alt er live – alt kan ske - Thank you, GAFFA Danmark& ODEON for having us!” Møl posted on their Facebook page with a full video of their GAFFA debut:

The crowd didn’t seen to know what hit them, though GAFFA have given out a rock/metal award since 2016. Møl were not nominated, but opening an awards show is an even better look. Just ask Queen, who opened the 2019 Oscars.

Check out Møl’s GAFFA-Prisen performance above and grab their full Jord album here.

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