One year is a big deal, especially when you're talking about marking a sober anniversary. Over the weekend, Five Finger Death Punch vocalist Ivan Moody hit that mark, receiving praise and support from his bandmates. The singer also did something special to mark the occasion, getting a fresh facial tattoo.

The vocalist visited the Trip Ink Tattoo Company in Las Vegas, where he had tattoo artist Rick Trip provide some very special ink. "I'm going to get a phoenix tattooed throughout the side of my face and the one and only Rick Trip is going to be responsible," says Moody in one of the videos he posted via Instagram.

Captioned "My blood for yours," Moody showcases a design he liked, then proceeded to post a number of photos and videos from the shop as the tattooing was in progress.

Trip reveals that he used a very special bottle of Rick Walters' signature series traditional red ink to ensure the quality and lasting power of Moody's tattoo. Walters recently passed away, and the bottle Trip used to ink Moody was his final bottle of this specific red ink. See more in the series of photos and videos below.

One other interesting revelation from the tattoo session was a moment when Moody heard Godsmack playing in the background, with the singer praising both Sully Erna and Shannon Larkin from the band and expressing his desire on camera to collaborate with Erna on a song.

With the ink complete, Moody rolled over some footage into a second instagram post, using a wealth of hashtags to express his feelings. They include: #fromtheashes #venividivici #phoenixrising #soitbegins #mylegacy #soberasfuck #salvation #ashes #dyingbreed #liftmeup #washitallaway #blueonblack #burnitdown #irefuse #vegasstronger #battleborn #welcometothepride 💪 #whentheseasonschange #justfortoday #onebreathatatime #strengthinnumbers #ivegotyour6

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