The world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, looks like a specific alien race from the original Star Trek series. I’m not the only one to notice this. In fact, South Park had an entire storyline about everybody going to work at an Amazon fulfillment center and their interpretation of Bezos was as a bulbous, pulsating-headed Talosian.

Comedy Central via YouTube
Comedy Central via YouTube

Now, Jeff Bezos has been deep-faked into the episode where the Talosians first appeared which is also the very FIRST episode of Star Trek EVER.

If you’re saying “Gee, that doesn’t look like Captain Kirk, you’re right! That’s actually Captain Christopher Pike who was the captain of the Enterprise before Kirk. Except, actor Jeffrey Hunter’s face has been replace, via deepfake…by Elon Musk!

Dear readers, THIS is use of deepfake technology in its most pure, honorable form. Deepfake is going to cause A LOT of problems down the road, somehow. But this makes it all worth it.

Until they do a version where Pike/Musk is accusing Spock of being a “pedo-guy” for trying to rescue a bunch of Thai kids from a flooded cave.The only type of deepfake I'll accept

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