It’s a new month! Welcome to March everybody. We’re setting the clocks ahead in a week, Spring will be here soon and Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day are right around the corner. And, of course, the beginning of a new month means that we’ve got a new batch of news bloopers from LAST month.

The major theme of our collection of February 2019 News Bloopers is: “Reporters in Bad Weather are Unprepared for Bad Weather”.

“Let’s throw it to Jill! She’s outside where winds are blowing at an estimated 14,000 miles per hour!”

“That’s right, Jim! And…AAAAAAHHHHHH” (screaming grows fainter and fainter).

“Well, Jill seems to be experiencing some technical difficulty. Who could have seen that coming?”

Underneath the video, I’ve included some of my witticisms and bon mots along with the exact time stamp so you can co-ordinate them for maximum hilariousness.

But, seriously, fully 70% of these are s****y weather-related.

:10---Close eyes and shake head = “Did this dude really just call me Ally McBeal?”

1:27—Did you know British people pronounce the word “dump” by popping the “p” at the end? It’s charming!

2:23—So nice to see the kid who played Eddie Muster got a job on the local news!

5:33---“Is…is anyone back there? Is there a bomb threat I’m not aware of? Where IS everybody??”

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