Did you know that before he created the Muppets, Jim Henson was murdering puppets on TV commercials?

It was for a series of commercials for Wilkins Coffee that ran from 1957 to 1961. In total there was 179 commercials, and they became so successful that they sparked a series of remakes.

Henson was commissioned to create quick, 10 second ads, and this is what he came up with it. Murder. At least, if you didn't like Wilkins Coffee.

The ads had a puppet, that looks like an early version of Kermit, named Wilkins, and a grumpy puppet named Wontkins. They even sold vinyl puppets of Wilkins and Wontkins through the mail for $1.00 and a coffee can label. And just in case you were looking to pick up one of the vintage toys now, HERE IS A LINK to the eBay listing for either of them. As the time I'm writing this, you can get the Wilkins puppet for just over $100, and the Wontkins is rather expensive at $2,500.

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