BABYMETAL’s third studio album, Metal Galaxy, finally drops tomorrow (Oct. 11). You’ve already seen our interview with Su-metal and Moametal about the record and Yuimetal’s departure, so this time around, we spoke with the girls about their rabid fans and what they’d tell their younger selves.

The explosive popularity of BABYMETAL took the genre’s world by surprise, as kawaii metal suddenly became the newest genre on heavy music’s extensive family tree. Even the girls don’t entirely understand their popularity.

“I want to know myself,” Moametal replied after we asked about why BABYMETAL fans are so dedicated. “But I love everyone and I hope we can continue to get love and support.”

As for what the duo would tell their younger selves, Su-metal responded, “Trust your instincts. In the beginning of BABYMETAL, I think metal music is really scary. Now so many people know about BABYMETAL and our music is interesting.”

Moametal would offer some wisdom about BABYMETAL’s vigorous dance routine, telling herself, “Warm up before every performance.”

Watch our interview with BABYMETAL above and be sure to grab a copy of Metal Galaxy here.

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