Aranda are digging deeper into their latest album, Not the Same, and today we're teaming up with the band to bring you the exclusive premiere of their "Stay" lyric video.

As you can hear, the track is a melodic rocker that moves along at a catchy pace. Meanwhile, the lyric video plays out with the words over the top of an ever-changing artistic backdrop.

Dameon Aranda tells us, "Easily my favorite song on the record. It was written at a time where I was trying to overcome some demons and this song just came out as a cry for help almost. I was actually emotionally exhausted when I finally finished the lyrics. I think people can relate with this song because we all have vices and people have choices whether they want to be with certain people despite their struggles. For a ton of us that's a really hard choice sometimes."

Aranda's 2015 album Not the Same can be purchased via Amazon and iTunes, while the band's upcoming tour dates can be seen here.

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