Throw on your KISS plush bath robe in hot pink… it’s time to play Stump the Ace!

Fans don’t just celebrate KISS for the iconic band’s music. We all love the ridiculousness of KISS’ merchandising efforts, largely pushed by the inimitable Gene Simmons, of course. Ace Frehley was never the most interested KISS member when it came to business ventures, preferring instead to focus on his musicianship. So we decided to test out his knowledge of KISS’ seemingly infinite line of products.

The guitarist actually came up with the name ‘Stump the Ace’ himself just seconds before we dove into the game. Before Ace arrived at our studio, we put together a list of products: some real and some fake. Many fans know about the infamous KISS Kasket, but does a KISS tombstone exist?

You may be surprised as to what KISS products actually don’t exist. After we mentioned one particular phony product, Ace actually warned us that we should patent the idea before Gene does.

How many answers did Ace get correct? Can you beat his score? Check out Stump the Ace above and find out! Ace recently released his new album of covers, Origins Vol. 1. Click here to grab a copy!

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