Applebee's is killing it lately with their "Neighborhood Drink of the Month." Many complain that their drink specials are watered down, but I can attest that their drinks are anything but watered down. Their drink of the month is usually $1 so it helps out when someone like me, you know, a girl on a budget needs to get her drink on. Yeah, in March their drink was $2 but that's mainly because they used the brand name liquor in the name of the drink. This month's drink promotion is perfect for the official kick-off to summer: their Dollarita is back!

This is the news I needed. I love a good margarita. It's my go-to drink. With summer basically already here in the Sun City, it's a great way to beat the heat! This summer all I want to do is drink margaritas, eat chips and salsa and gossip with friends. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo (or Drinko de Mayo as it's alternatively known) with a Dollarita- and keep the party going because this lasts ALL. MONTH. LONG! Grab your squad and hit the nearest Applebee's for this month long promotion!

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