There is a theatre in Tennessee whose owner didn’t want any profanity to appear on his marquee. So, since it came out a couple weeks ago, “Heckboy” has been showing at the Roxy 8 Movie Theater in Dickson Tennessee. The owner, Belinda Daniels , says she never shows anything that could be considered profanity on her marquee because the elementary school is right next door.

That’s great, Belinda, but what you really need to change is the sign for your town! You won’t show a sign for Hellboy but the name of the town you live in is DICKSON Tennessee. Shouldn’t it be Weinerson, Tennessee or maybe Wangson, Tennessee? I shudder thinking what those grade school kids must see every time they look at a municipal building or the side of a school bus. Somebody there in Pudson needs to do something about this!

This actually got me thinking about all the creative re-naming that surely had to have gone on through the years on that movie sign. It HAD to have looked something like this… .