It has been a rough few weeks for the airline industry. It started with United Airlines removing a passenger from his seat after he had already boarded. Forcefully removing him, by the way. Then American Airlines had video of an altercation with staff and passengers that involved a baby and a stroller hit the Internet. United was back in the news this week as a potential record setting rabbit died on a flight.

Well, now it's Delta Airline's turn. Kima Hamilton had to use the restroom while the plane was getting ready to take off. And by "getting ready", I mean it was actually standing still for a half an hour. Hamilton then got up to use the bathroom. What happened next seems very excessive, especially when you consider the negative publicity airlines have had the past few weeks. The entire plane was emptied, then all passengers were allowed to board the plane again. All passengers, except for Hamilton.

"When I got up to go to the bathroom, I basically pleaded with the stewardess, asking if I could use the bathroom quickly," Hamilton said. "She said because we were waiting for take off, she'd have to inform the pilot, and I'd lose my spot in line. So I just returned to my seat, not wanting to be a problem. But then we just sat there waiting for more time, so I got up again and used the bathroom. When I got back to my seat, there was an announcement that someone would have to be taken off the plane."

I have a novel idea for airline at this point. BE NICE!

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