American Grim are here to set your pulse racing and they've teamed up with Loudwire for the exclusive premiere of their high energy video for "Burn Hollywood."

Simply put, the song is adrenaline fueled and doesn't let up, with its raw guitar work and the pure no holds barred attitude delivered by singer Ryan Healy. Likewise, the clip is certain to grab your attention as the Ryan Grim-directed video features the band members delivering a performance amidst a chaotic environment that includes sword swallowers, fire breathers, a guy sticking his tongue in a mouse trap and mind-numbed viewers entranced by what is taking place in front of them.

"It's amazing that what you see in the entertainment industry is not at all genuine," says the band. "It's mostly knockoff imitations of what's already been done. If you're unique, you're a risk, and there's very few risk takers these days. It's a process I refuse to take part in. The closer I get to following in others footsteps, the sicker I get. I want to burn it down, Hollywood and all.“

Healy also adds, "There's an astounding problem in America with political correctness and all these taboo issues that are far more real than people think, all being swept under the rug. We have an entire generation of kids overly medicated and under educated that no longer know the difference between their own opinions and the manipulation of mass media."

"Burn Hollywood" is featured on the band's newly released album, Freakshow, which arrived last week via eOne Music. The group worked with producer Zardonic on the disc, which definitely comes with a point of view. "Freakshow isn't just an album, it's the current state of America, and we're looking forward to taking it on across the country,” say the band. You can pick up the album now via iTunes. Look for American Grim on tour. At present there are only a handful of dates, but stay tuned for more touring here.

American Grim


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