Sad news to report, as Rick Chavez, a founding member of the metal band Drive, has suddenly passed away. The guitarist died of internal bleeding on Saturday, Feb. 25.

Drive made a name for themselves in the late '80s and early '90s when they moved from their hometown of Houston, Texas, to Los Angeles. The band won a KNAC radio contest and landed the song "I Need the Nights" on the Pure Rock 10 Best From the West compilation released by Rampage Records. The band released their debut album Characters in Time via Rampage in 1988. They eventually signed with Zoo Records and released their second and final album, Diablero, in 1992. With the rock scene shifting to grunge and alternative, Drive never made a major breakthrough and the members moved back to Houston.

Chavez's bandmates released the following statements:

“For those who knew or even met the amazing soul that was Rick Chavez, be it through his music or by acquaintance, you would know what a great loss this is to us. This cuts through the hearts of so many. He will be greatly missed.” - Drive bassist Michael Anthony Guerrero

“Grieving once again, the loss of a childhood friend, a brother. Devastated, not only by memories, but of many journeys traveled and not traveled.” - Drive drummer Valentin San Miguel

“Drive will always be a part of my DNA. Rick's passionate, relentless guitar cries are embedded in my soul. His friendship secured in my heart. I will always miss and love you forever, Brother.” - Drive guitarist Mercy Valdez

Tragedy previously hit the band when lead singer David Taylor died in 2009 after his vehicle crashed while driving in San Antonio.

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