These 10 records may have a normal looking track listing, but they're all written as one long, continuous piece of music. Start in the middle or skip a track… and you’ve ruined your whole listening experience.

Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon isn’t just one of the greatest albums of all time, it’s a conceptual masterpiece splitting one long work of art into 10 distinct cuts. Though songs like “Money” and “Time” have a distinct character to them, a full listen to The Dark Side of the Moon reveals the role each song plays in a much larger, bewilderingly accomplished picture.

Between the Buried and Me strived to become the Pink Floyd of modern metal with 2007’s Colors. The experiment was unheard of for a band lumped into the metalcore genre, but with Colors, BTBAM triumphed as progressive metal giants. The North Carolina band integrated Russian folk music, country hoedowns, piano ballads and acid rock into a 64-minute trip of inspired brilliance.

When Sleep write a single song, they keep it as a single song, even if it’s an hour long. Sleep’s worship of the 12th fret has never been more blatant than on Dopesmoker. Only in stoner metal can a band essentially play one note for 63 minutes and never sound boring, which makes Sleep true legends of the genre and of one-song albums.

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