Kit Rudd, a self proclaimed Jesus loving cowboy outlaw, is going to make the 300 mile trek from Amarillo to Dallas in a couple weeks and he is doing so on horseback. Rudd is doing so with the hopes of raising money for a Dallas based charity.

Rudd, once homeless, has gotten together with the Yellow City Community Outreach, to help get homeless off the streets. Whether it be through traditional housing or tiny homes.

Michael Lee, 58, has spent 5 years homeless, but through the help of Yellow City Community Outreach he now has his own apartment.

“I woke up late the other night and looked around and thought, ‘Wow, I’m really here,” he said.

Yellow City Community Outreach was able to make the deposit on Lee's apartment, plus furnish it, including a microwave, coffee machine and bed.

If you'd like to help Rudd on his voyage from Amarillo to Dallas to raise awareness about homelessness, you can make a PayPal donation at