Alter Bridge will be returning to the studio in March to work on their sixth album according to an update by guitarist Mark Tremonti.

Tremonti is currently on tour with his self-titled group Tremonti in support of their latest album, 2018's A Dying Machine, and Sevendust. He told The Edge Rock Radio in an interview at ShipRocked 2019 that Alter Bridge will begin working on their new album, a follow-up to The Last Hero, when Tremonti's tour concludes. "We're gonna go into studio in March and April. And then after that, I go back on tour with Tremonti and then go back on tour with Alter Bridge this winter," he says. See the full interview below.

Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy was also busy with releases in 2018 between his first solo record Year of the Tiger and his third joint project with SlashLiving the DreamKennedy told My Global Mind this past fall that Alter Bridge was already percolating ideas for their next album. "We will reconvene in April and make a record. There are a whole bunch of ideas being thrown around, it’s pretty exciting stuff. There is too early to tell what the vibe is just yet or what will make the cut. Mark and I tend to come up with a lot of ideas that we throw up against the wall to see what will stick," he says.

While Kennedy and Tremonti were out with their respective solo projects, Alter Bridge kept fans engaged with their 2018 concert album, Live at the Royal Albert Hall.

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