After what feels like an eternity (but really was about two weeks) I am finally getting over an upper respiratory infection. I still have this annoying cough but overall I feel better. I feel a little guilty though because I ended up getting a bunch of other people sick- my mom, my sister, Lisa, our digital editor Emily, I think I even got my cat sick! It was an unfortunate time to get sick but I powered through and I'm finally getting better, but for those two weeks I was miserable and willing to give up ANYTHING just for some relief! Apparently I'm not alone.

A new study by OnePoll found that many Americans would give up things like social media, caffeine and even sex if it meant that they would never get sick again! Since this was the second time in three months that I got sick I was siding with some of these people! I feel like I, too am part of the 29% out of 2,000 Americans who would give up social media, goodbye Snapchat! I'm not so sure I'd be part of the 29% who would give up caffeine as coffee is an addiction. 21% of people must really get a nasty cold because they were willing to give up sex. Because I love watching TV and my shows, especially when I'm sick, it's understandable why only 18% of people were willing to give up watching TV and shows. On another end, 17% of people were wiling to give up vacation time, to which I say "no." But it did get me thinking, what were some other things I was wiling to give up? Here goes:

  • Nutella
  • Vodka Sodas
  • Cape Cods
  • Go-Go Dancers
  • my Calvin Klein dress that I love so much
  • Amazon Prime
  • bath bombs
  • Binge watching "The Golden Girls"
  • Moisturizing face masks
  • my Daisy by Marc Jacobs body lotion
  • getting my nails done
  • tweezers (hello eyebrows!)

These are some of the sacrifices I would make if I NEVER. GOT. SICK. AGAIN!

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