Have you ever seen Beerfest? Well, if you haven't here is a scene for you.

There is apparently some validity to this theory. The Daily Mail just did a story about some research that actually was done about alcohol helping with memory. And it turns out, it does.

But not the way Beerfest presents it. Where if you get drunk and do something, you can recall what you did when you get drunk again. I've even heard of people who thought they could do this to take tests. Study drunk, and take the test drunk. Well, that's not the case.

Alcohol does however help you remember things, just BEFORE you started drinking. Subjects were shown a video and then split into three groups.

  • Group one was given alcohol right after watching the video, and knew they were being given alcohol.
  • Group two were given alcohol, but were told they were drinking non-alcoholic beer.
  • Group three weren't given any alcohol, and knew they would be sober.

Then all groups were given the same fake info about the video. The results?

The sober group was not only more likely to believe the misinformation, but was also more willing to testify in court with this misinformation. So does alcohol help you remember better? Well, not necessarily. But this does show that depending on when you consume alcohol in relation to certain events, you are more or less likely to believe misinformation.

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