This is one of those Am I the A-holes that is a real tough one. Remember, there are more than a few options when reading this one.

  • YTA = You are the A-hole
  • NTA = You are NOT the A-hole
  • ESH = Everyone sucks here
  • NAH = No A-holes here
  • INFO = More info needed

I have a lot of tattoos. My most recent tattoo is a tattoo that I designed with my husband. We got matching ones for our anniversary. It is super personal.

As I was showing it off to my friends, I notice one girl in our group (who I’m not super close to) was really into it. She even took a picture of it which I thought was strange but I let it slide. Let’s call this girl Sarah.

Sarah does not have any tattoos that I know of, if she does they are really small and in unnoticed places. So a week or so later I hear through the grape vine that Sarah is trying to get a copy of my tattoo. honestly I suspected this. She told a couple of friends of mine the design, and for some reason, didn’t think that they would tell me. But here comes the crazy part, she comes to me and asks me for a recommendation for an artist. She specifically wanted one that wasn’t too expensive.

I asked her what she was going to get. She was really coy with me and told me that she had not finished thinking about it yet. So I recommend the worst tattoo “artist” I know, let’s call him Bubba. I’ve gotten two “joke” tattoos from Bubba, one is terrible and blown out ,but it’s okay because it’s that duck or rabbit optical illusion. The other one I have had covered up. He works at subway during the day and gives tattoos from his garage.

I knew she wouldn’t do her proper research and check him out, and she didn’t. She went and got her cheap tattoo from Bubba, and it is fucked. up It’s already blown out, the lines aren’t straight, and may be infected. My husband and I are howling about this, but a few friends of mine think what I did was really messed up. She’ll be ok, she’ll just have a really really shitty version of my tattoo. I think it’s what she deserves. So let me know reddit, AITA?

How did Reddit vote? ESH, everyone sucks here.

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