We have heard of huddling together for warmth, or even sticking your hands down your pants when caught in a tight spot, but this is just odd.

While hiking in the Adirondack mountains in Upstate, NY a few hikers took a wrong turn and got lost.  The hikers in question were obviously not prepared for the cold temperatures, and when the sun went down they had to think quick.

Now, there are several proven ways to prevent hypothermia that every survival expert will tell you.

  • Seek shelter
  • Keep your cloths dry
  • conserve your body heat and energy

The option of urinating on yourself or others never really seems to come up.  Sure, it’s warm at first and a sure fire way to get yourself a private pool, but it’s probably not the best way to keep warm. As a matter of fact, it’s probably one of the worst ways.  The warm liquid will eventually cool off, leaving you colder and now soaking wet.  Plus you’ll stink like piss. Triple whammy.

If your lost in the woods, keep your fetishes to yourself, and consult the experts. Or just have sex. That might warm you up. You’re welcome.


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