We've reached a point in television where deaths aren't that unheard of. The first one I really remember sticking with me was when Maude Flanders died in The Simpsons. But since then, you've had shows not shy away from killing off a main character.

Of course shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are known for lots of character deaths, but there are other shows that have gone down that path as well. It's basically the main plot point of This Is Us. I've never seen the show, but just googling television deaths, Grey's Anatomy might be killing off more people than both The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

Well, it seems that Modern Family is going to be venturing down the path of killing off a character. But it might not be a main character. But it's said to be a 'significant' character. One of the producers of the show said:

"[Death] is certainly a topic that families have to deal with, and on television, it's not easy to do because that's a heavy subject.  But at the same time, it would seem unusual for a family not to go through it."

While it might not be a main character, it is being said to be a moving event, that will have repercussions across several episodes.

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