I love a good fan theory and this week I heard about a real doozy. Sit down before you read the following sentence:

Pennywise from It and Mary Poppins are members of the same alien species.

KA. BOOM. Mind. Blown.

The theory works best if you’ve seen the latest It AND Mary Poppins Returns which came out last year. It isn’t essential to appreciate the theory but it helps.

  • Pennywise and Mary Poppins both reappear every 20 to 30 years.
  • They both have a penchant for singing and dancing.
  • They both seem to require the emotions of earth children as nourishment (this is a key point which we’ll return to shortly).
  • They both return to the same children (who are now adults) from their last visit.
  • In both It and Mary Poppins Returns the now-adult children have trouble recalling their childhood experiences.
  • The both lure a child named Georgie away from their siblings. They both do this by using a paper toy. For Pennywise it’s a paper boat. Poppins uses a kite. Made out of paper.
  • The parents of the children are oblivious to the fantastical situations their children experience.
  • At the end of Mary Poppins Returns, all the characters float into the air by holding onto balloons. We all know about Pennywise and his connection to balloons…AND floating!

So…we know that Pennywise comes from an alternate dimension and his power is derived from the fear he causes in children. He feeds off their fear, like a psychic vampire. Now, imagine another member of the same species. The species are shape-shifters, obviously. This other visitor also feeds off of children’s imagination. And emotions. But the emotion she/he/it feeds off of is “awe” and “wonderment” instead of fear. Maybe this species has to feed off ANY emotion and it’s just a matter of preference, like the way some people like steak and some people like chicken. Pennywise has a taste for fear and Mary Poppins prefers…I dunno…”whimsy”?

I think we need an Alien vs. Predator-style cross-over here!

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