Imagine having a driver's license for over 65 years. Now, suddenly you can't renew that driver's license because you are being asked for something you've never had. A birth certificate.

This is the situation that Albert Bigler of Ennis, TX has been presented with.

Albert is 95-years-old and says that he has never had a birth certificate. But in order to renew his driver's license, he needs to find one. When asked about what county he was born in, Bigler can only answer with "I don't know."

You're probably wondering, what kind of paperwork does Bigler have? Well, he has what should be enough including his original Baptismal and Confirmation records, and proof that he served in the Army during World Was II. At one point Bigler even had a commercial driver's license when he worked for the railroad for 40 years.

Bigler is concerned about not only his ability to drive, but he's also worried that this issue will affect his voting status and renewing his fishing license.

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