For all you fans of “Jackass”, fear not. There is a whole new generation of Knoxvilles, Bams and Steve-0s alive today. The problem is, they are currently still wearing pull-ups. So, they are, literally, “wee men” at this point.

It looks like we might have quite a wait ahead of us. The original “Jackass” dudes haven’t made a proper “Jackass” since 2009’s “Jackass: 3D”. I suppose some might consider “Bad Grandpa”, which came out in 2012, to be a continuation of the series. I don’t. Two hours of Johnny Knoxville’s droopy prosthetic scrote does not a “Jackass” movie make.

Sure, there COULD be a new “Jackass” in the future but, at this point, only Bam is saying it will happen which does not bode well.

Fortunately, judging by this video, the future is in good hands. Tiny, good hands connected to children who seem to live by the “Jackass” ethos: “No pain is too great as long as it gets a laugh”.

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