It's that time of year you are probably taking a vacation. I know I am. I'll actually be in California next week. Well, here are seven things that successful people do before they head out on vacation.

  1. Clean up. From your home to your work space, coming back to a clean space helps you avoid the stress of being back from vacation.
  2. Set up your out-of-office message. Meaning your voicemail and your email. A lot of people forget to do so.
  3. Double-check all your reservations. From your flight to your hotel, you want to make sure that everything is in order so you aren't dealing with issues while on vacation.
  4. Have your documents organized. ID, passport, etc. should all be in one spot so you know exactly where everything is. Nothing can be more stressful than not being able to find your ID at the airport.
  5. Charge all your devices.  Whether it's your phone, tablet or laptop, you don't want to be mid-movie on the flight and have it die. Yes, some airlines provide power outlets, but don't bank on that.
  6. Make a list of stuff you need to do when you get back. Yes, this takes a lot of planning, but it can help you relax while on vacation by knowing you have your affairs in order for when you return.
  7. Disconnect early. The night before you head out, take the time to disconnect by not checking your phone and get yourself in that "vacation mindset".

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