We all know about the latest controversy surrounding "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Many think it's promoting rape culture while others think it's harmless. The divide is enough to have one radio station ban it from ever playing while another station decided to play it for two hours straight. Now, they're going after a song I love!

Out of all the overplayed Christmas songs, because, let's face it, there are only so many songs you can play, but out of all of them, society has decided to target the one song I actually enjoy: Wham's "Last Christmas." As someone who grew up with an older sister in the early '90's, George Michael graced the walls of our shared bedroom (very much like DJ Tanner from "Full House"). I love to blast "Last Christmas" and sing it passionately even though I never actually gave my heart to someone last Christmas. I know every word and prefer the extended version but am completely in love with the music video:

That hair! The style! The vocals- George Michael in all his glory. I was devastated when he passed away in 2016 on Christmas making it his real "Last Christmas".

But if I ever find myself in the UK I can be assured that I won't hear this song, at least if I'm in a pub called "Fuller's". The UK based pub announced that it will be banning the song from playing in all 231 of its locations. The ban doesn't come out of hate for the song, it comes as an aid to those participating in "Whamageddon". The rules to Whamageddon are simple, you go the entire holiday season without hearing the song, once you hear it, you're out. It's much like the "Little Drummer Boy Challenge." So, if you were participating and you pressed play earlier, sorry, you're out! I would have been out of Whamageddon since December 1st!

But with the banning of Christmas songs for what seem like silly reasons, I figured this was the perfect time show the songs I would ban! If I never heard any of these songs again I'd be okay with it. Allow me to ruin your holiday spirit:

  1. A Few of My Favorite Things
    How is this even a Christmas song? Seriously, if you know, let me know!
  2. All I Want For Christmas is You
    It's basically the anthem for Christmas lovers but it is completely overplayed- they should have an "All I Want for Christmas Challenge" because I would participate in that!
  3. 12 Days of Christmas
    It's a FULL 12 DAYS- the song is never ending!
  4. Santa Baby
    As someone who would enjoy a '54 convertible, light blue too, the breathy baby voice annoys me!
  5. Feliz Navidad
    It's the same words over and over again- in English AND Spanish! I feel like if I didn't know Spanish I'd be okay with it, but because I do I'm overly critical of the lyrics. Stop playing this thinking your Spanish speaking friends would enjoy it, we're over it.

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