The first episode of Game of Thrones aired on HBO at 8 pm ET on April 17, 2011. The first parody of Game of Thrones appeared on the internet at 9:05 ET on the same day. Well, it SEEMS like people have been parodying GOT since the very beginning anyway. Here are my 5 favorite GOT parodies that will help tide us over until the series finale this Sunday.

  • 5) BAD LIP READING: Medieval Land Fun-Time World

You can tell this parody was made fairly early on because King Robert Baratheon is still alive and Sean Bean’s head is still attached to Sean Bean’s body. The folks who do Bad Lip Reading are responsible for some of the funniest videos on YouTube and should probably be considered for some illustrious honor. Like…a Nobel Prize or a Goodwill Games medal or something. This one is so A-W-E-S-O-M-E you have to spell it out in all caps to do it justice.

  • 4.) SESAME STREET: Game of Chairs

This parody is brought to you by the letter B (which stands for “beheading”) and the color “Red” (as in “Weddings”)

In this spoof tots are taught to count (up to 4) by “Grover Bluejoy” and a delightful cast of references that , hopefully, go right over the kiddie’s heads.

  • 3.) KIMMEL: Hodor Suuuucks at Family Feud

Ehh. Hodor seems like more of a Jeopardy kind of guy to me.

  • 2.) SESAME STREET : Elmo Get Tyrion and Cersai to…CO-OPERATE!

Yeah, yeah. This is the second Sesame Street entry on a top 5 list. Hey, The Children’s Television Workshop has good satirical instincts. Fun Fact 1: Sesame Street and G.O.T. both air on H.B.O. Fun Fact 2: The part of the wooly mammoths used on the attack on castle black were all played by Mr. Snuffleupagus.

  • 1.) FUNNY OR DIE: Game of Thrones Meets Monty Python

This parody gets the number one spot because A.) I’ve always loved Monty Python and 2.) It’s based on the GOT episode that aired Sunday before last. So,

It’s, as I think the kids say, “fresh AF”. I guess in this version of GOT, they don’t send messages by raven but by un-laden European swallows.

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