Office relationships is something I have some pretty extensive knowledge on. Back in Florida, I dated a few different co-workers. And I can honestly say, tread carefully if you want to get into an office relationship. I've seen some of them work out. Obviously none of them worked out for me. Although I am still friends with most of the ladies I dated.

PR Newswire recently did a survey about office relationships and here is what they found out.

  • 41% of people have dated a co-worker.
  • 29% of people who have dated a co-worked, dated someone in a higher position, and 15% dated their boss or immediate supervisor. I can honestly say I never did that. Everyone that I dated was either in a different department, or we were on basically the same level in the companies eyes.
  • 38% of people who have dated a co-worker had to keep it a secret. I never had to, but when you start dating someone, you don't just go around blabbing it out to everyone.
  • 30% of office romances led to marriage.