Join us for the 2nd Walk for Autism this Saturday at the Paseo!


The 2nd Annual Walk for Autism is the Saturday at the Paseo with registration opening at 9 am and the Walk beginning at 10 am.

Participants are encouraged to raise funds and make donations either as an individual or on behalf of a team. As a registered participant, you can make donations on behalf of yourself or other people can make donations on behalf of you that will add to your total contribution. If you are a member of a team, any contributions made on behalf of you will also count toward your team's goal as well.

New participants can start their own teams, join existing teams, or simply register as an individual. Looking to join an existing team? Maybe a friend or coworker has already registered and you want to form a team with them? Check out the Current Participants List and the Teams list and join them. Register now at the link below.
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