If I had a complete day alone I would spend it doing many different things. First I would sleep in really late. Then I would get dressed and put on a hat. I would then, for lunch, would ride my bike to Subway and when I am done eating I would go across the street to Plaid Pantry. At Plaid Pantry I would buy two large Slurpees, a lot of beef jerky, and some baseball, basketball, or Marvel cards. I would go home, look at my cards, and eat. Then it would probably be about dinner time, so I would order out for pizza, Chinese food and also have a lot of pop. By then it would be my usual bed time, but I am home alone! From then on I would either watch TV or eat, or I could do both.

The simple pleasures of 13-year-old Brandon. Wait. This is what I would do today. Maybe a few changes. Instead of cards, I'd probably head over to comic shop and buy some comics. Other than that, it's pretty much the same.


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