I don't really have a dream for the future. I suppose if I had to have a dream for the future, it would be to play on a professional basketball team. The team I would like to be on most would be the Charlotte Hornets. If I can't have all that fame and glory I probably want to through college and become a veterinarian in Florida. My parents want me to live in Florida so if they don't move there I can buy them plane tickets and they can come visit my house. After I retire at the age of 65 I will then buy a condo in the Bahamas. I will also rent and lease my house that is in Florida. On location I will go to the house for a vacation.

This is the first entry from this day and not shockingly I don't have much plans for my future. Something I've dealt with for the vast majority of my life. Of course, some of that even came true as I did end up in Florida, but it wasn't the same career path.

Today during lunch I was going to play basketball with Blake and Jack for three on three but time ran out. The teams that were playing took too long. The score, we thought, was one to one Yet, when one team made a two pointer they said it was one to nothing before the two pointer. They missed about 22 straight two pointers. So finally when the lunch bell rang, we couldn't get it. There was also a lot of arguing that took up a lot of time.

Ugh, those lunches were the worst. Kids were also hogging the damn ball and it turned into almost nothing but bitching and complaining the whole time.

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