I think that alcohol should be made illegal because it is harmful, not helpful. The only thing is does is harm and kill people. There would be a lot less deaths around, but it would cause a lot of jobless people. The people who make it, sell it, and work in bars will have to find another job. Yet at the bars, they could sell soft drinks instead. It would do a lot more good than harm to take away alcohol.


Last night was one of the my dad's birthday parties. His true birthday is today. I don't know what we are doing tonight except I have baseball practice. Today in PE, we did the long-jump. My best jump was 11 feet 10 inches. I couldn't really get the distance I could get at my potential. In band we had a substitute, Ms. Meachan. I was playing as loud as I could on a song called Twins Cities March. Even though Mr. Kvech told me to do that, they made me play down.


Last time at baseball practice, the coach bought pizza. We all pigged out. Adam Steele wanted one of Jeff Tacheny's slices because there weren't any left. Yes Jeff licked them so Adam couldn't have one.

This entry is all over the board. For some reason it was split into three parts.

Part one is clearly 12-year-old Brandon dealing with the death of Uncle David. He died because of alcohol, and 12-year-old Brandon isn't okay with that.

Part two seemed to be an update on my dad's birthday and not being happy about how band practice went.

And part three came flooding back to me as I was typing it. I remember that practice with the pizza and of Jeff licking that piece of pizza. It was hilarious.

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