Dear Journal,

I missed the earthquake on Thursday, because I was at the beach with my grandparents. I also missed that big snow storm, because I was at the beach. My cousin got a girl named Desiree's number, who goes to Milwaukie High School. My cousin goes to Centennial High School in Gresham. It was a pretty fun week, because we played basketball, swam, played cards, and went to the beach. I called my mom to see if everything was alright at our house. She said that it woke our dog Maggie, yet it didn't make her bark. During the earthquake, my uncle's girlfriend had a statue from India on her shelf. Her dad had bought it for her when he was in India. It fell off and broke when it hit the floor. It was a statue of a head. Yesterday my dad had Mike Downs come over and help him load out modem. My dad first tried himself, but it didn't work. Then he had my uncle come over on Sunday to help him, it still didn't work. So my dad had Mike come over last night to help. Mike had found out that there was two Com 2s. One was for the mouses memory. So they had to take it out and switch it around. Finally it worked. So I had Scott Rhoten write me a letter for me last night. My dad won't let me write though.

I grew up in Portland and never felt an earthquake. Earthquakes are kind of like AC/DC to me. Anytime they come to town, I'm out of town. It's a strange phenomenon.

As far as the end of this entry talking about Scott writing me, I think we were talking about email or something similar. My earliest memories of the Internet are AOL, but then again, if you're my age, chances are your's was too.




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