Dear Journal,

Yesterday was my real birthday. My sister made the family chocolate mousse. We had the regular birthday ceremony and I got a case for my CD Walkman. I got that because over Spring Break I am going to the beach up in Ilwaco, Washington, and that will keep it from getting broken. The reason I am going up there is because my grandparents are members of a camping ground up there. The name of the camping ground is Eagle's Nest. This time my sister isn't going because she gets to go to France, so this time it is just my grandparents, my cousins and me. I have been waiting to go since March 1st. I also have a tournament on Friday, Saturday, and depending on how we do, maybe Sunday. Out last tournament we played in we took third. This will be our last games. The highest I have scored in a game is sixteen points. We have lost about six games. This morning in PE, I hurt my neck. I was doing just a regular headstand, but I started to fall backwards, I didn't want to go that way so I tried to straighten out, bu my neck was bent and when I feel, Mrs. Ewers said that I probably strained my it and that I should sit out for as long as I thought I should. It still hurts right now. I got an awesome hockey for my computer last night. You can body-check, get into fights, even see the instant replay of a fight. Also, when you get a penalty called, the announcer calls it over the loud speaker. It has sweet graphics. You can choose your referee: he can either be a call once who doesn't call a lot of penalties, a guy who can be cool, or can get mad.

Well, there you have it, yet another injury. No wonder my shoulders, neck, and head are still all screwed up. And this is early on in my life of getting injured.

The hockey game that I got was Gretzky Hockey 3. You can check out the 'sweet graphics' here in this video.



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