Dear Journal,

There is only one major accident I know of. It was a long time ago in either May or June of 1981. It was sometime around there. The two people who were in the accident were my great-grandparents. I can't remember anything except that it is what killed them. These great-grandparents were my dad's, mom's parents. They are the ones with the Norwegian background. We took the article that was in the paper and put it in my baby book, because it was so close to my birthday. My birthday is tomorrow. I have already had my parties though, because we wouldn't be able to do it later in the week, because I have a basketball tournament in Salem. Also, we couldn't have them over Spring Break because my cousins (Danny and Wendy) and I are going to the beach with my grandparents. My sister can't go because she is going to France and Spain for school. Even though, I have had good birthday parties. From my parents on my first party, I got a small CD Walkman. I also got the Knock-N-Boots CD and the Feeding Frenzy CD. I got a Twins hat and shirt also. I got a harmonica with an instructional tape from my grandma last night. I got a set of eight DC comics Even the last two Superman comics which are books of his funeral. I also got jalepenos, beef jerky and vinegar/pickled sausages. Last night it was my mom's family and Sunday was my dad's. I think my best present was the CD player.

Man, I was really simple to buy for when I was a kid. If it was one of my sports teams or food I was pretty content. And yes, this was the whole reason I wanted the Knock-N-Boots CD.


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