Dear Journal,

This last weekend, my basketball team had it's last regular season game, and it was our first away game. The referees stunk. In the third quarter, someone was shooting a free throw and I blocked a guy out. He got mad and pushed me, so I pushed him back. Then he grabbed my arms. So I pushed him away from me. He got even more mad and punched me in the eye. I have a slight bruise around my eye and had a huge bump on my forehead. This kid was big. He was around 5' 10" and I would bet, 150 pounds. Later that day, my dad called the lady who runs the club we played. She told me, during the game, that he had been suspended from the club for one week and wouldn't play in their next game. The reason my dad had called, is because he didn't like the results. He told the lady how he felt in a not-so-nice way. My dad said that the reason the lady was nice to me was because she didn't want a law suit on her hands. He is also going to write a letter to the head of the Portland Metropolitan Youth Boys and Girls Clubs showing his disapproval of the referees, the way they handled the game, the kid who punched me, and the situation. The other team's coach didn't even say anything to the kids. Even the referees didn't say anything. The last time we had played them, their was a lot of pushing and shoving. The kid juvenile delinquent that had punched me, didn't play the first time we had played them. Yesterday in math, I almost fell asleep, my head hurt so much. After the game, I took an aspirin. A couple hours later, I took another.

Welp, that sounds like a concussion. Certainly not the only one of my life. Oh, and there are more injuries coming up in these journals.

If you want a more thorough explanation of the punch, check out the After Buzz below.


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