Dear Journal,

I learned a lot about the four countries yesterday. I learned about the economy, the government, and much more. I like the ideas for games so I am going to split the class into boys vs girls to see who is listening. I am going to talk about my county and then ask questions. I want to avoid stuttering, pausing and anything that will mark me down. I think that competition makes the presentation more interesting. Otherwise kids are going to fall asleep. I think that the fun part would be designing your box. My mom came up with the suitcase idea, but all she did was show how it would work best and I got to do it. On the inside is where I put all the pictures.

Something that is completely missing from this entry is what country I was talking about. I did my report on Norway, which was the beginning of my research into one of the countries I'm from.

We had to create a diorama (Community fans will get just how funny that is) on a country of our choosing. I went with Norway because this was the time I had started down the rabbit hole of my family being from Norway.


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