Dear Journal,

My basketball team played on Saturday. We won eighty-four to twenty. I scored fifteen points. Out high scorer was Adam Steele. He had twenty-three points. We are now two and one. My per game is seven points, for our three regular season games. For all our games, my average is eight point four. In PE, Mrs. Harding makes me put all the hockey sticks and the ball away. I don't know why. I guess she likes to pick on me. Today it was boys against girls in floor hockey. Boys won, with a final of three to one. We scored all of our goals in one set of five minutes. The girls scored their goal on me. The shot was out of the cones and too high. But Mrs. Harding counted it. I couldn't believe she called it a goal. Whenever you try to stop the ball with with your stick it will go right through it.

I'm not sure if I was actually singled out by a lot of teachers, but it seemed like I was. I wouldn't doubt it though. I was an intelligent high energy kid that didn't know how to sit still. Which is a formula for being obnoxious.

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