Dear Journal,

My "B" basketball team is seven and one. We beat Lake Oswego last night. It was the second time we played them. The first time we played them we also won. Tonight we play Riverdale at home. My other team is one and zero, Lents Blazers. We played the Columbia Clippers. All the players would push and shove. We are scrimmaging basketball in PE. I am in the advanced group and the intermediate group is practicing. The country I'm doing my report on is Norway. My dad's mom's side of the family is Norwegian. My great great great grandfather lived in Norway. I have a family book that shows everything. It shows a picture of my great great great grandpa Bjorn.

It was right around this time I was really getting into the whole Norwegian side of my family. We do have a family tree that dates back to the 1500s or so. It's interesting, when you're Norwegian, as you follow the family tree, you get more and more consonants in the names the further back you go.

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