This is just the second entry of my journal from 7th grade, and I have a feeling this is one where we were given a question to answer in the journal.

Dear Journal,

If I were in charge of the school I would make the combination locks easier to open, today I couldn't get it open. Also I would give a recess in between sixth and seventh period. At that recess I would let the students go outside in the gym or in the commons. I would also let kids walk around the commons when they finish lunch. I would also make sure that the teachers gave out only 30 minutes of homework a night to a kid. There would also be 10 minutes between each class and anybody late for class would have atomatic detention!

Geez, I was apparently a hard ass back then too. But couldn't spell automatic correctly.

I do remember struggling to get the damn lock open though. I couldn't figure that stupid thing out to save my life. I think that's one of the reasons I never used a locker in high school, and still have nightmares about not being able to get into lockers when there's something crucial inside the locker.

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