It may suck for the crowd, but it could be quite entertaining to watch at home! Check out these 10 times rockers were too wasted to perform!

Unless you’re checking out a straight-edge band, chances are at least one musician onstage at any given show has had a few drinks to loosen up. This rarely ever becomes a problem to where imbibing in grandpa’s old cough medicine (or something a little harder) outright ruins a performance, but we’ve tracked down some footage documenting just that.

One infamous performance was Marilyn Manson’s set at the 2012 Soundwave Festival in Australia. Manson was wayyyyyy too intoxicated to be onstage, resulting in the Antichrist Superstar being showered in boos by the crowd. Manson did, however, make it up to them but emptying out his stash of cocaine into the front row.

Onstage train wrecks of legendary proportions have found their way into this Loud List, like when The Who’s Keith Moon decided to take a gorilla tranquilizer before stepping onstage at The Cow Palace in San Francisco. Van Halen’s gig at the 1983 US Festival was just as ridiculous, as the far too drunk quartet butchered countless classics for over two hours.

Check out these clips and more in our Loud List of 10 Rockers Too Wasted to Perform!

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