Many, if not all of us when we are traveling to the big cities of Texas will get our fix of food that we cannot get in San Angelo.

When I'm traveling my recent "I must have" is greek food. Which got me thinking, "What chain restaurants do we want in texas." I polled the office to come up with 10 restaurants we would love to have in San Angelo (in no particular order).

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    Jason's Deli

    Who doesn't like deli food? Soups, salads, pastas, and vegetarian choices, and more.

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    Pei Wei

    Pei Wei is good, the closest location being Austin or Lubbock. It's a fresh, made to order restaurant and alway busy.

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    Panda Express

    The mall staple! Panda Express orange chicken is what we all crave. Nothing like cheap fast Chinese food!

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    T.G.I. Friday's

    Great drinks and good food makes for a good Friday. This would be a great Friday night hangout for San Angeloians.

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    Cracker Barrel

    Pssh, like I need to convince you why we need this.

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    P.F. Chang's

    Lettuce wraps are amazing here, and the dining experience is a lot of fun. Or maybe I'm used to the Vegas P.F. Chang's. Either way I wouldn't say no to having one in San Angelo.

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    Joe's Crab Shack

    We don't have very many seafood places, besides Red Lobster by the mall. It would be awesome to hang out with family at a Joe's Crab Shack, Put the location by the concho river, perfection!

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    Red Robin, Yum!

    We have many burger joints but heck let's add another!

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    Besides Green's Grocery, there really isn't any places to eat that feel "healthy." Panera would be an awesome addition to the community for healthier choices.

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    Burrito bowls are everything. Nothing like indulging in this trendy staple. We do have something close to this near HEB, Freebirds. Does it compare?