More and more we’re noticing everyday essentials are now presenting themselves in travel sizes for that busy person on the go: protein shakes, sunblock, toothpaste … METH LABS.

Walmart security at a store in St. Louis stopped a woman who they suspected of stealing some drug paraphernalia and turns out the chick had a mobile meth lab in her purse.

Seems the clever rascal converted a 20-ounce soda pop bottle into a “shake and serve” meth machine. Officials were forced to shut down the box store because the homemade contraption could have exploded or caught fire. They also needed to do a thorough search of the premises to ensure the MacGyver wannabe didn’t turn a crockpot into a crack cooker or a Ninja blender into a heroin boiler.

We’re telling you these people of Walmart are getting more and more inventive. Not only are they sharp dressers but they come up with some seriously ingenious inventions. Maybe the chain should consider starting a think tank or just stop selling copies of ‘Breaking Bad‘.