No Van Halen? No problem! That’s according to Van Halen Army, a tribute band that’s offered to step in and fulfill the concert dates on which their namesake group has pulled the plug.

In a Facebook post last Friday, Van Halen Army said, “Just heard the real Van Halen is a little tired and burnt out and are gonna postpone some shows. [We] would love to fill in any of their dates until the real guys are re-charged and ready to kick some ass like they do! Call us Eddie, we’d love to help.”

Someone posting on behalf of the Army later added, “I think we all can relate with being burnt out at our jobs and [needing] to take some time off to re-energize … Remember they are just humans like us.”

But when TMZ contacted the cover band’s guitarist, Joe, he was far less charitable, saying, “They have an obligation to fulfill … somebody signs up to do the job they should complete it. Concerts these days cost a lot of money, they can’t let the fans down … they need to fulfill their end of the deal.”

“We could easily do it,” Joe said. “Our singer sounds exactly like David Lee Roth!”

Listen and decide for yourself, but we’re thinking this is an offer Van Halen won’t have any trouble refusing.

Watch Van Halen Army Cover ‘Dance the Night Away’ and ‘On Fire’