Now this is a craft we can get behind. A Japanese artist found a use for all those empty beer cans lying around - he cut them up and crafted them into aluminum sculptures of superheroes and other movie characters. Talk about Buzzed Lightyear.

Japanese artist Macaon uses cut up Asahi cans as his medium of choice and with them she creates beautiful sculptures of Batman, Darth Vader, 'Toy Story' and more.

On her site, Macaon says it's just a hobby and doesn't have any of her items listed for sale (yet). But we can't imagine she's got the room in her house to store all of these collections (and frankly, who's paying for all this beer?!) so hopefully this will be something you see on Etsy some time soon.

Check out the photos below to see a sample of her work and then you can click here to see all of her items on her blog.