The connection between musicians and listeners is one that is ever evolving as artists attempt to share their music with fans, and Testament are taking the next step in music by offering shares in their songs to those interested.

The band is starting with 'Native Blood,' one of the key tracks in their storied career, and they've teamed with the New York Rock Exchange to provide the opportunity to co-own a song with the band.

Fans can purchase 'Native Blood' song shares in prices ranging from $15 to $100 and in return they'll receive a hand-signed Gold NYRE share certificate from Chuck Billy and Eric Peterson as well as a hand-numbered lithograph of the original 'Native Blood' artwork that is only available to NYRE shareholders. There's also a limited edition print of Chuck Billy's handwritten song lyrics for 'Native Blood' that's included. It should be noted that there are only 100 shares made available, so it would be worth your time if you're interested to act fast.

"Once you own a piece of our song, there's no turning back," says Chuck Billy. "You're a part of us." Guitarist Eric Peterson adds, "The song is the heart of everything we do. It's very cool to be able to share that."

All shareholders will also become official co-owners of the song and they'll receive a digital certificate that can be posted to social media accounts. Those who buy in will also have access to an exclusive conference call with Billy and Peterson as well as early access to the band's upcoming 2015 album.

Billy reveals in a video interview posted below that 'Native Blood' will be the first offering, but the band plans on making one of their new tracks available for shares and will likely dig deeper into the catalog for one of their earlier songs after the new track is offered.

To learn more, visit the Testament 'Native Blood' stock page at the New York Rock Exchange here and watch a trailer for the 'Native Blood' shares above.

Testament's Chuck Billy Discusses the Band's 'Native Blood' Shares

Testament New York Rock Exchange 'Native Blood' Share