It's been rumored for years now, and it's finally starting production. Super Troopers 2! Broken Lizard, the team behind the first Super Troopers and other movies like Club Dread. The Slammin' Salmon, and of course Beerfest. And if you've never seen Beerfest, I challenge you to watch it and not drink any beer.

Te best part about the sequel is the whole group is apparently back together and it's being filmed right outside of Boston. A few months ago they started a crowd funding campaign to raise $2 million dollars to film the sequel. But after 30 days they had already doubled it with $4.4 million.

With that extra money they promised:

"the more money they could raise, the more they could spend on “bigger stunts, bathrooms for the women on set (men will still have to use the woods), louder explosions, cameos from real Hollywood actors, more bearf*cking, and maybe Kate Upton"

There is no word on a release date right now, but it's started filming, and for now that's good enough. So while we wait, just all chug some syrup.