Longtime Saxon drummer Nigel Glockler is undergoing a second surgery after suffering a brain aneurysm in the midst of the veteran metal band's UK tour. The first surgery attempt was not successful, according to his wife.

We reported a couple days ago that Glockler had been rushed to the hospital with bleeding on the brain, but not much else was known at the time. However, his wife, Gina, offered an update on Nigel's Facebook page, revealing the news Wednesday (Dec. 10) that the drummer would require a second surgery:

Nigel had surgery today for the brain aneurysm, but unfortunately it was not successful with the first option, so he will be undergoing another operation tomorrow.

I've been reading him all of your messages and posts, and he is so very touched by them.

Thank you all for the love and support, it means the world to us.

Please keep the good vibes, prayers and juju coming his way.

Big Big Thanks
Gina Glockler

She then followed that post up with a new update on Thursday (Dec. 11) as follows:

Nigel has just gone into surgery.

As soon as I have an update I will post or Saxon management will post on their page.


Update: Gina has posted a post-surgery update about Nigel, telling fans the following:

Nigel's surgery went according to plan & he resting tonight.

I hope to post more info as I have it, and hopefully a message from the man himself!!

Thank you all for the support, it really means so much.

Gina, Justin & Madeline

Nigel Glockler has had three stints in Saxon -- 1981-1987, 1988-1995 and 2005-present. He's appeared on a multitude of the band's studio albums and live discs. Saxon are one of the pioneers of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

We'd like to send our best wishes to Nigel as he undergoes his second surgery. We will offer any updates as they become available. As mentioned previously, Saxon have postponed their immediate tour dates until February.