Perhaps the greatest wisdom imparted to us so far by the fictional, all-knowing Most Interesting Man in the World, his new message is succinct, and dead-on: "There are better things to fantasize about, than teams of men." While we can always count on Dos Equis commercials to bring the babe, the redhead in this newest spot blew us away, so we had to find out. Who is she?

With a fire-red mane and a name like Clancy McClain, this girl is just about as irish as they come. Raised in Ft. Worth, Texas in a house full of boys, Clancy was a sports-obsessed tomboy until college, when she apparently...blossomed. These days, she's got a long list of acting and modeling credits, and has trained at the Upright Citizen's Brigade, which tells us she's a funny redhead, which is our favorite brand of human.

By the way, she say's it's true: Redheads do have magical powers. We believe her, based on the power these pics are having over us right now.