The levels of laziness are reaching all-time ridiculous highs, not just her in the US but across the globe. First, the Tacocopter, then the dude who sawed off his foot to continue claiming unemployment benefits, now this.

We hate the phone as much as the next guy, but a push-button magnet to order pizza? We initially thought it was fake, but apparently it’s no hoax. Here’s the statement from “Red Tomato“, the Dubai company behind the ‘innovation’:

This summer, when your hunger is ravishing, but your fridge is empty, there is one device that can change your destiny. Some people call it a ‘pizza emergency button for your belly’. Others say it’s the ‘best thing since sliced bread’. We call it ‘The VIP Fridge Magnet’.

At Red Tomato, our loyal pizza patrons are important to us. And Very Important Pizza lovers like these deserve very special treatment.

So, basically this device is handy when you (and your non-existent friends) want the same exact order every time? If you want to change anything on your order, you still have to go online and change it, thus defeating the purpose of the magnet.

When is there EVER a pizza emergency? We have to think this is for the severely stoned and/or hammered who can’t form words or read what’s on a computer screen. So, yeah, we can’t wait for it to make the jump to America.

Here’s the summer blockbuster style trailer:

Here’s how it works:

[Via Videogum]